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Turpial News


Turpial 2.0 Alpha 'Cayapa' this Sunday

If you’re reading this there’re only two possible explanations: ... Read More

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Turpial in official Arch Linux repository

With the last stable release (v1.6.9), Turpial has been accepted as official package in the community Arch Linux repository. Now if you want to install the stable release in Arch Linux just execute: # pacman -S turpial Thanks to our friends Miguel Ángel Useche who was the maintainer of AUR package and Angel Velásquez who uploaded Turpial to community repository and is the current maintainer of the official package. ... Read More

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New maintenance release 1.6.9

Today has been released a new maintenance version of Turpial that fixes some issues with the installation of languages and that implements the integration with the Ubuntu Messaging Menu (Unity). This version is the lastest stable (1.6.9), you can download sources from our files repository, from the stable branch in the github repository or wait until it be available in official repositories of Debian, Ubuntu and Arch Linux. Thanks to all collaborators. ... Read More

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Development version of Turpial 2

After several weeks of hard work the new documentation for the installation process of the current development version of Turpial has been updated. Needless to say that this version is really experimental and is under heavy development, so you must expect daily changes, incomplete features and possibles bugs/issues. This version is NOT RECOMMENDED under any circumstance for production, just for testing purpose. Please, DON’T OPEN issue reports about this version until the first alpha/beta is released. If you want to contribute please leave your feedback in comments or better, make a donation to keep the bird growing :) Enjoy! ... Read More

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