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Turpial News


Alpha release delayed for 2.0

Last February 12th, as result of the Cayapa Turpial, we decided to set the release date for the first alpha version of Turpial 2.0 at March 4th. However, we couldn’t reach this deadline due to some issues with webkit and performance that forced us to change priorities. Now, we are fixing some minor issues and polishing a couple of features required for this snapshot. Preferences dialog and a better authentication method are done, so main work this week will be focused on the embedded images features and the column autoresize and the next week will be dedicated to tests and UI improvements. The new date for the alpha release has been set to March 18th. ... Read More



Platform improvements

Our platform was down for several days due some problems after the scheduled upgrade, however all our services are back again and in better shape. We took this break to improve a lot stuff. Now we have a faster and solid web server (Nginx), a better integration betweet the web server and our Bug Tracking System (using Phusion Passenger) and a brand new files repository: . The last change implies that all previous links for source code files won’t work anymore, so please take all the considerations needed to avoid inconvenients. ... Read More

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Turpial 1.6.7 it's coming to Debian Backports

Indeed, Turpial 1.6.7-1+ds1-1~bpo60+1 its coming to Debian Backports; the package maintained by Miguel Landaeta and sponsored by Muammar El Khatib is pending for approval and soon will be available as stable for all Debian users. Turpial is not available yet on Debian as a compiled package but on the unstable or testing repositories with the 1.6.9-1 version. the stable repositories now will have it as soon as the backports ftp masters upload it which usually takes no more than 10 days. As all might know Debian is a popular and influential GNU/Linux distribution know by his great stability because the packages are exhaustedly tested to ensure security and stability but this also cause that the packages released on the stable versions might be old. To improve this a group of developers, users and collaborators created the debian backports project and they work to maintain the packages so the versions on the stable release become the recent ones. ... Read More

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Turpial 2.0: What's New?

We’ve gotten this question asked often. “So, What’s new on Turpial 2.0?” and althou we’re eager to show you everything it’s not ready yet. But since we’re more commited tu you than to anyone else, here’s a bit of info on the future of the Bird. First things first, The overall layout has become more elegant while keeping everything that made it light and resourceful. Here are some of the improvements:   Multi Protocol and Account Management: Have as many users accounts of Twitter and as you want, all in the same Client: ... Read More

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