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Turpial News


A great day to join us!

That’s it. Today is a great day to join us in our plan to rule the world. Let’s do it! ... Read More

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"I'm Going Through Changes" said Turpial

Turpial has something to say to you all: ... Read More

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How to write code for Turpial

Are you a developer? Would you like to collaborate with the project but you don’t have idea how? This post is for you. We have created a new article in our wiki that explains the basic flow to interact and write code for Turpial. We assume that you already have a minimum understanding of Git and that you feel comfortable with shell commands. If you have any doubt or suggestion just pass by to #turpial channel on IRC or join to our mailing list and ask your questions, we’ll be glad to hear you. Check it out and tell us what do you think. ... Read More



Fixed authentication (development)

The authentication issue in Turpial 2.0 have been fixed. In order to fetch this changes from development branch you need to update both github repositories (turpial and libturpial) and then remove the ~/.config/turpial folder. This procedure will erase your current settings and all registered accounts but is completely necessary, otherwise Turpial won’t run after update because a conflict with the old configuration files. ... Read More

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Turpial 1.6.9 now in Ubuntu PPA

After a long time, and thanks to the efforts of our friend Efrain Valles, Turpial’s PPA finally got updated with the lastest stable version of Turpial (1.6.9). ... Read More

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