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Turpial News


Weeks of work with libturpial: updates

The past weeks I have been working on new improvements for libturpial and one of the most important things that I accomplished is the isolation of modules. Well, that and the definitive fix for the memory leaks issue. ... Read More

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Turpial is not dead

People have been wondering if Turpial is dead. The short answer is: No. ... Read More

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World Domination Plan - Phase 1: Accomplished

After spending hours computing thousand records on our database, we finally got the results of the first part of the World Domination Plan. By operating system we got a clear domination of Debian and Ubuntu over the rest. It’s in our plans to continue improving the integration, not only on this main distros else with Canaima, ArchLinux and Fedora too. Our primary goal is to offer a great user experience no matter which operating system you use. ... Read More

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Why Webkit sucks? A post-mortem note about Webkit in Turpial

Almost 8 months ago we offered a brand new turpial version, with a lot of new features: Multiple accounts, unlimited columns and a really good looking interface. That looked promising, however it was an unkwon path for us. Very innovator but very uncertain. Guess what? We stucked up. Yes, Webkit let you do anything you want, imagination is the limit, but as the uncle Ben said: “With great power comes great responsabilities”. And that quote never had such a big meaning for me as now. This apparently unlimited power requires a extremely solid base of development and in our case, we hadn’t. ... Read More

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Pygout: Hacking libturpial

As part of an activity started in Venezuela by friends of the Python community, I was invited to do a Google Hangout this saturday (Oct 20) to talk about libturpial. This initiative is been called Pygout (for Python-Hangout) and it main goals is to share knowledge. Pygouts are broadcasted live and besides they are recorded and uploaded to YouTube, so don’t worry if you miss it. You can see the whole video of Pygout: Hacking libturpial (in spanish) and if you like it, spread the word and keep track of next hangouts. Update: As result of this hacktivity we got awesome comments and suggestions: ... Read More

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