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Turpial News


ETA for the next release of Turpial

I’ve the pleasure to announce the official ETA of Turpial 3 for November 30th, 2013. Code freeze will be on November 24th with a beta release and from this point there will be one week for testing until November 30th. If everything is OK the final release will be that day. You maybe are wondering “Turpial 3? What the f… happened with Turpial 2?”. Well, Turpial has grown too much, has had lots of failures, versions that didn’t see the light and that’s the way I wanted to let you know. The distance between versions gives you an idea of how much things have happened since Turpial 1.6 and set your expectations to a fresh and renewed application. I hope you like what is coming. ... Read More

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libturpial 1.0 released

After months of heavy development I’m glad to finally announce the official release libturpial 1.0. libturpial is the backend of the next Turpial version, it handles multiple microblogging protocols (Twitter and at the moment) and has support for multiple accounts and multiple columns. It is a great tool to develop automated Python scripts that need to handle the Twitter API or even to develop a microblogging client on top of it. Most important features of the final release include: ... Read More

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First beta release for libturpial 1.0

The past week I announced the frozen of libturpial, and today I proudly announce the first beta release for libturpial 1.0. After a week of tests, only was detected a minor issue fetching accounts that was fixed immediately. Everything else was working as expected. Among the changes we did are: ... Read More

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libturpial 1.0 frozen

I’m glad to announce the next step on libturpial development cycle in this very moment: libturpial 1.0 has now been frozen. This means that no more new features will be added and all work will now be concentrated on fixing critical bugs and improve documentation. The official beta announcement will be on July 5th, 2013. In the meanwhile we must perform major tests, so if you have Python knowledge and want to test some code follow the steps below. Any help would be really appreciated. As you may know, libturpial is the backend of the next Turpial version, to test it take a look to the Quickstart Guide or follow the instructions to generate the full documentation of libturpial on README, open a python console and start hacking. Most important features of the upcoming release include: ... Read More

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Why Turpial 1.6.9 is not working and why I decided to continue with the project

First, I want to thank to all the people who took the time to report the issues with Turpial 1.6.9 and even tried to find a fix. Now I’m gonna clarify a little bit the current situation. ... Read More

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