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Turpial News


Unofficial Debian package for Turpial 3.0-b1

Thanks to our friend Miguel Landaeta we have unofficial Debian packages for Turpial 3.0-b1 and for libturpial 1.0. You can download them from our files repo: There, you will find .sha1sum files to verify packages integrity. This packages were built in Debian unstable but should be usable in testing as well (if not, please let us know) For current Debian stable, Miguel will build backports when packages get accepted on official repos again. This packages probably could be rebuilt without any issue in Ubuntu too. Feel free to test them and send us any feedback. ... Read More

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Happy birthday Turpial!

Four years ago, I started writing some code for a small personal project. It was a tiny desktop application that let you use your Twitter account in Linux without using a web browser. It was open source, minimalistic, functional and fast… it was Turpial. Lot of things have happened since then and, because of this special day, I would like to share a little bit of the Turpial story with all of you. First public version ever known was 0.6, released in November 17th, 2009. It was a geeky rough shell application (yes! shell application) and to use it you needed some basic Unix knowledge and a lot of hacker spirit. It was not intended for massive use, it was for me and it worked for me but certainly there was no friendly at all, so I decided to implement some kind of UI with GTK. Next version was 0.9.3, released by January 2010. This one got an interface for “humans” with GTK and from this point on, everything changed. Turpial started grow, passing from a personal project that met my needs to a popular application used all around the world. I started to give talks about Turpial in all kind of Free Software events and people started supporting the project, collaborating, translating and getting involved. With all that energy we reached Turpial 1.0 in April 19th, 2010. A nice and minimalistic GTK application that did the job. ... Read More



First beta release for Turpial 3

Some days ago I announced the ETAs for the final version of the application, and after a couple of days of delay we are ready to announce with tears in the eyes what means one of the biggest milestones for the project since the last two years: the first beta release of a new Turpial version. This beta implies that, from this moment, I won’t be working to include new features but focused on testing and fixing mayor or blocking bugs reported during tests. I encourage you to test this beta release and report any issue on my github repository or in our mailing list. I have a list with all the stuff that will be developed for future versions that will be published during the final release, so please DO NOT request any new feature until you read that list. You can get this beta release following the steps on the wiki page for the installation of the development version or via PyPI using: ... Read More

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Delay on beta release for Turpial 3

Almost 20 days ago I announced the estimated time of arrival of Turpial 3 and yesterday was the day planned for the first beta release. Although the feature list is ready there are a couple of details that I need to solve to don’t affect the user experience. I’ll be working hard on these stuffs this days to release the first beta as soon as possible (no more than 2 days). Meanwhile, there are lot of people helping with the translations of Turpial. Currently we have support for Spanish and English, while French, German and Portuguese (Brazil) are under revision. If you want to contribute with the project, translation is a good change. You can contribute too helping us to spread the word. Thank you all for your patience and support. ... Read More

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Call for translators for Turpial 3

Since the list of features for Turpial 3 has been finished and we are closer every day to the announced release date, I would like to invite the community to collaborate with the project translating the strings used in this new version. Translate is easy, just check the page of Turpial in transifex, select the language and start translating. I’ve created the resources for some languages but if you want to translate the strings in another language just let me know via Twitter or in the mailing list and I’ll add the new resource gladly. If you have doubts about some strings just ask and when you’re done let me know to incorporate the files into the current version. If you can’t translate or if the translation is already done, you can help by spreading the word. Help us to make Turpial a clever application that speaks many languages. Thanks everyone for your support and your patience ♥ ... Read More

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