libturpial 1.0 frozen

I’m glad to announce the next step on libturpial development cycle in this very moment: libturpial 1.0 has now been frozen. This means that no more new features will be added and all work will now be concentrated on fixing critical bugs and improve documentation. The official beta announcement will be on July 5th, 2013. […]

Why Turpial 1.6.9 is not working and why I decided to continue with the project

First, I want to thank to all the people who took the time to report the issues with Turpial 1.6.9 and even tried to find a fix. Now I’m gonna clarify a little bit the current situation. Turpial 1.6.9 is no working anymore because of the new Twitter API version. I should implement support for […]

Weeks of work with libturpial: updates

The past weeks I have been working on new improvements for libturpial and one of the most important things that I accomplished is the isolation of modules. Well, that and the definitive fix for the memory leaks issue. The http module was migrated from urllib to Requests, this solved the memory leaks issue and let […]

Turpial is not dead

People have been wondering if Turpial is dead. The short answer is: No. Now let’s go with the long anwser. I’ve been working on the migration of Turpial from Webkit to Gtk 3 and it hasn’t been easy, a lot of work trying to implement the same we got with HTML and sadly our friends […]

World Domination Plan – Phase 1: Accomplished

After spending hours computing thousand records on our database, we finally got the results of the first part of the World Domination Plan. By operating system we got a clear domination of Debian and Ubuntu over the rest. It’s in our plans to continue improving the integration, not only on this main distros else with […]

Why Webkit sucks? A post-mortem note about Webkit in Turpial

Almost 8 months ago we offered a brand new turpial version, with a lot of new features: Multiple accounts, unlimited columns and a really good looking interface. That looked promising, however it was an unkwon path for us. Very innovator but very uncertain. Guess what? We stucked up. Yes, Webkit let you do anything you […]

Hacking libturpial

Pygout: Hacking libturpial

As part of an activity started in Venezuela by friends of the Python community, I was invited to do a Google Hangout this saturday (Oct 20) to talk about libturpial. This initiative is been called Pygout (for Python-Hangout) and it main goals is to share knowledge. Pygouts are broadcasted live and besides they are recorded […]

A great day to join us!

That’s it. Today is a great day to join us in our plan to rule the world. Let’s do it!

“I’m Going Through Changes” said Turpial

Turpial has something to say to you all: "I'm Going Through Changes, eh eh" [Eminem on "Going Through Changes" from his album Recovery]   That’s right everybody, the Bird‘s going to take a new direction back to its roots, back to where it all began, so i guess it isn’t quite a new direction after all.   Have you ever […]

How to write code for Turpial

Are you a developer? Would you like to collaborate with the project but you don’t have idea how? This post is for you. We have created a new article in our wiki that explains the basic flow to interact and write code for Turpial. We assume that you already have a minimum understanding of Git […]