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Turpial News


libturpial 1.1.16: A new maintenance version

As part of the improvement process and to anticipate to the [ ... Read More

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Turpial 3 hits Debian and Fedora repositories

Thanks to the great job of our friends Miguel Landaeta and Edwind Contreras Turpial 3 is now available in Debian and Fedora repos respectively. For Debian, Turpial is available on Sid and Jessie, and Miguel continues working on backports for Wheezy. You should be able to install Turpial via apt-get, aptitude, software center or any other tool in the mentioned versions. More info about Debian packages in the links below. ... Read More

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New stable release: Turpial 3.0

Almost two years have passed since the last stable release of Turpial but today that situation will change. Write down this day in your calendar because today I’m pleased to announce a new stable release: Turpial 3 is finally out! I’ve worked hard on deliver a beauty, stable and fully featured application but without losing of sight the resource consumption, one of the most distinctive characteristics of Turpial so far. Main features of this version include: ... Read More

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Unofficial Debian package for Turpial 3 beta 2

Our friend Miguel Landaeta has built a new unofficial Debian package for beta 2 of Turpial 3 and fixing the dependencies issue. You can download it from our files repo: And you can check package integrity with the .sha1sum file. This package was built in Debian unstable but should be usable in testing as well (if not, please let us know) For current Debian stable, Miguel will build backports when packages get accepted on official repos. This packages probably could be rebuilt without any issue in Ubuntu too. For libturpial, the package is the same 1.0 version. Feel free to test them and send us any feedback. ... Read More

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Second beta release for Turpial 3

A little more than one week has passed since the first beta release of Turpial 3 and today, I bring to you a new beta release. This second beta release fixes the issue with the “Quit” action on the tray icon menu and remove the filter feature because it triggers some critical bugs that doesn’t let Turpial run as it should be. Among other changes it removes unnecessary fonts and fixes minor issues too. As you may know, I’ll be focused on testing and fixing mayor or blocking bugs reported during tests. I encourage you to continue testing this beta and report any issue on my github repository or in our mailing list. I have a list with all the stuff that will be developed for future versions that will be published during the final release, so please DO NOT request any new feature until you read that list. You can get this beta release following the steps on the wiki page for the installation of the development version or via PyPI using: ... Read More

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