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Turpial News


Turpial 1.6.6 now in Debian Sid

Today, our friend Nomadium informs that Turpial package is already in Debian Sid repository too. Same as Fedora, if everything goes fine, the package will pushed to the testing repository soon so you can install it with your favorite package tool. Thanks again to all the people that make this possible. ... Read More

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Turpial 1.6.6 in Fedora mirrors

Richzendy informs that Turpial package is already in Fedora 15/16 testing repository. If you use Fedora and you can’t wait for use turpial 1.6.6: Update it in Fedora 16 with: # su -c ‘yum update –enablerepo=updates-testing turpial-1.6.6-1.fc16’ Update it in Fedora 15 with: # su -c ‘yum update –enablerepo=updates-testing turpial-1.6.6-1.fc15’ After test the package please go to the package url, log in and leave karma (feedback) to contribute. In a few days, if no one has reported any errors or bad karma, the package will definitely pushed to the repository and updates will be available to all as usual. More information in Richzendy’s blog (ES) and in the mailing list thread ... Read More

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From Develop to Stable: How to install Turpial 1.6.6

Finally, Turpial 1.6.6 is HERE with new features and more, but if you’re in Development Branch and check this blog often you realize that said branch is going to be a mess for a little while (Explaination HERE), so you might want to stay on the safe side and install the Stable Bird. But… ... Read More

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Changes in development branch

If you are a current user of development branch of Turpial, we encourage you to NOT perform any update at least for a couple of weeks. Because of the release of the new stable version, this branch will be under heavy development and we will be doing a lot of changes that will broke up the application. However, if after this warning you still want to test current development, do it at your own risk. To keep your Turpial working, please move to master branch and stay there until further advice. ... Read More

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New stable version 1.6.6

After months of work, finally we bring to you the new stable version of Turpial. Among the changes we can highlight: ... Read More

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