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Turpial News


libturpial 1.7.0 is now stable

Today, I’m announcing the next stable release for the library that serves as base for Turpial. I’m happy to say that libturpial has reached it version 1.7.0! ... Read More




In March 6th, libturpial passed from heavy development to beta status. Three betas have been released since then, lot of tests have been performed and everything seems to indicate that libturpial is in a very good shape. That’s why today I’m pleased to announce the first release candidate of libturpial 1.7.0. ... Read More



New beta release for libturpial: 1.7.0-b3

As part of the testing process a new beta has arrived with lots of issues fixed. Most important are: ... Read More



Upgrade libturpial to 1.5.9!

Due to a bug in the previous version of libturpial (1.1.16) I’ve released a new version with the proper fix and I encourage to everyone to upgrade as soon as possible. Previous version doesn’t work and will be deprecated, please don’t use it anymore. I apologize for all the inconveniences. ... Read More



Turpial 3 available for Ubuntu

86 weeks have passed since the last update of Turpial’s PPA but we are glad to announce that Turpial is back to Ubuntu. ... Read More