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You can install Turpial 3 downloading the package for your system, from your system repositories or installing form sources.

Fedora Icon Installing in Fedora

You just need execute as root:

yum install turpial

Debian Icon Installing in Debian

Available for Sid, Jessie and Wheezy Backports. You just need execute as root:

aptitude install turpial

Ubuntu Icon Installing in Ubuntu (PPA)

PPA repository for Ubuntu right now is outdated. We strongly recommend you that install via source code

Arch Icon Installing in ArchLinux

Turpial is available in ArchLinux via [AUR]( You can install it executing as root:

yaourt -S turpial-git

Python Icon Installing via PIP

You just need execute as root:

pip install turpial

Package Icon Source Code

Turpial 3.0 (.tar.gz)
md5sum: 4e18ddda950654613c8f7eb3cb34e3bd

libturpial 1.7.0 (.tar.gz)
md5sum: 0d51997b86fa490762af6fe1a6f6c4ea

Legacy Versions



Development Version

If you want more info about development process and all those stuffs, check out our turpial project on Github.