New beta release for libturpial: 1.7.0-b3

By Satanas

New beta release for libturpial: 1.7.0-b3 Fedtured Image


As part of the testing process a new beta has arrived with lots of issues fixed. Most important are:

  • Fixed minor style issues
  • Fixed issue when registering new config options
  • Fixed filters
  • Fixed several config methods
  • Set as default service to upload images
  • Fixed support for list names with hyphens
  • Fixed POST requests to be RESTful compliant

This beta is backward compatible, so you can test it safely with the stable version of Turpial (3.0) or with the development branch but consider that it will enable as default service for upload images and it WON’T WORK in Turpial 3.0. If you find anything else not working properly, register the issue or just let me know and I will fix it.

Tarball with source code of 1.7.0-b3 is available in our files repository, there is a tag in the github repo and it is available in PyPI. Documentation for libturpial can be found at

Beta period will now be extended until March 21th, if no more issues are detected by the date a release candidate will be published.

Thanks to all the people helping to test.


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