Turpial 3 hits Debian and Fedora repositories

By satanas

Turpial 3 hits Debian and Fedora repositories Fedtured Image


Thanks to the great job of our friends Miguel Landaeta and Edwind Contreras Turpial 3 is now available in Debian and Fedora repos respectively.

For Debian, Turpial is available on Sid and Jessie, and Miguel continues working on backports for Wheezy. You should be able to install Turpial via apt-get, aptitude, software center or any other tool in the mentioned versions. More info about Debian packages in the links below.

In Fedora, Turpial is available for Fedora 19 and 20, whilst libturpial is available only for Fedora 20 but in testing for Fedora 19. libturpial should be migrated soon from testing to stable in Fedora 19. More info about Fedora packages in the links below.

For Arch Linux, Turpial doesn’t hit any official repo yet but is still available from AUR. You can install it via yaourt.

And for Ubuntu, we have our friend Efrain Valles working on a fresh set of new packages, so we should have news about it soon.

If you or some friend are interested in packaging Turpial for other platforms, let me know


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