Second beta release for Turpial 3

By satanas

Second beta release for Turpial 3 Fedtured Image


A little more than one week has passed since the first beta release of Turpial 3 and today, I bring to you a new beta release. This second beta release fixes the issue with the “Quit” action on the tray icon menu and remove the filter feature because it triggers some critical bugs that doesn’t let Turpial run as it should be. Among other changes it removes unnecessary fonts and fixes minor issues too. As you may know, I’ll be focused on testing and fixing mayor or blocking bugs reported during tests. I encourage you to continue testing this beta and report any issue on my github repository or in our mailing list. I have a list with all the stuff that will be developed for future versions that will be published during the final release, so please DO NOT request any new feature until you read that list. You can get this beta release following the steps on the wiki page for the installation of the development version or via PyPI using:

pip install turpial Remember in any case check the 

list of dependencies on the wiki. The source code is available from our files repository as usual. If everything goes fine the final release will be, as scheduled, due December 15th. Thanks everyone who tested Turpial and help me debug this beta!


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