First beta release for Turpial 3

By satanas

First beta release for Turpial 3 Fedtured Image


Some days ago I announced the ETAs for the final version of the application, and after a couple of days of delay we are ready to announce with tears in the eyes what means one of the biggest milestones for the project since the last two years: the first beta release of a new Turpial version. This beta implies that, from this moment, I won’t be working to include new features but focused on testing and fixing mayor or blocking bugs reported during tests. I encourage you to test this beta release and report any issue on my github repository or in our mailing list. I have a list with all the stuff that will be developed for future versions that will be published during the final release, so please DO NOT request any new feature until you read that list. You can get this beta release following the steps on the wiki page for the installation of the development version or via PyPI using:

pip install turpial Remember in any case check the 

list of dependencies on the wiki. The source code is available from our files repository as usual. Thanks everyone for your patience and your support, hope you love it! Update: The testing phase should be of two weeks, so if everything is fine the final release will be at December 15th. Update 2: If you want test Turpial in another language or if Turpial is not loading the language of your system try executing in a shell:

LANG=X && turpial Where X is the code for the desired language. For example: es, eo, ru_RU.


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