Call for translators for Turpial 3

By satanas


Since the list of features for Turpial 3 has been finished and we are closer every day to the announced release date, I would like to invite the community to collaborate with the project translating the strings used in this new version. Translate is easy, just check the page of Turpial in transifex, select the language and start translating. I’ve created the resources for some languages but if you want to translate the strings in another language just let me know via Twitter or in the mailing list and I’ll add the new resource gladly. If you have doubts about some strings just ask and when you’re done let me know to incorporate the files into the current version. If you can’t translate or if the translation is already done, you can help by spreading the word. Help us to make Turpial a clever application that speaks many languages. Thanks everyone for your support and your patience ♥


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