First beta release for libturpial 1.0

By satanas


The past week I announced the frozen of libturpial, and today I proudly announce the first beta release for libturpial 1.0. After a week of tests, only was detected a minor issue fetching accounts that was fixed immediately. Everything else was working as expected. Among the changes we did are:

  • Finished models and core documentation
  • Improved string representation of most commonly used models
  • Added a minimal unit test script libturpial is now available from our

files repository and from PyPI. You can install it from sources or via pip using:

pip install libturpial The official announcement for the final release will be on July 14th if no critical issues are detected. We still need help for testing, so if you or any of your friends have Python knowledge we will be very glad if you help us with this. To test libturpial you can take a look to the 

Quickstart Guide or follow the instructions to generate the full documentation of libturpial on README, open a python console and start hacking. Any issue can be reported in the Github repo or in our mailing-list. Thanks to all the people who have been supporting the project.


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