libturpial 1.0 frozen

By satanas


I’m glad to announce the next step on libturpial development cycle in this very moment: libturpial 1.0 has now been frozen. This means that no more new features will be added and all work will now be concentrated on fixing critical bugs and improve documentation. The official beta announcement will be on July 5th, 2013. In the meanwhile we must perform major tests, so if you have Python knowledge and want to test some code follow the steps below. Any help would be really appreciated. As you may know, libturpial is the backend of the next Turpial version, to test it take a look to the Quickstart Guide or follow the instructions to generate the full documentation of libturpial on README, open a python console and start hacking. Most important features of the upcoming release include:

  • Support for Twitter API v1.1
  • Fixed memory leak
  • Migrated code from urllib2 to Requests
  • Restructured Core
  • Eased the OAuth process
  • Enhanced documentation Any issue can be reported on

Github or in our mailing-list. Thanks for your support and understanding


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