Weeks of work with libturpial: updates

By satanas


The past weeks I have been working on new improvements for libturpial and one of the most important things that I accomplished is the isolation of modules. Well, that and the definitive fix for the memory leaks issue.

The http module was migrated from urllib to Requests, this solved the memory leaks issue and let me build a new structure for this module, now it only cares for GET and POST requests (as should be) and can be tested separately, outside a libturpial environment. After came the adaptation of protocol module, this means integration with the new http module and update the API version (v1.1) for the Twitter implementation. Finally, yesterday I was working with the account module, this integrates all the configuration part and now we can easily load the existing profiles of libturpial into a shell and make tweets, fetch the timeline, see our mentions and further.

Modules that need to be improved yet are the account manager and the final integration into the core. With this I could make some unit test and start an official testing phase for a next stable release.

That’s all for now. EOF


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