World Domination Plan - Phase 1: Accomplished

By satanas


After spending hours computing thousand records on our database, we finally got the results of the first part of the World Domination Plan. By operating system we got a clear domination of Debian and Ubuntu over the rest. It’s in our plans to continue improving the integration, not only on this main distros else with Canaima, ArchLinux and Fedora too. Our primary goal is to offer a great user experience no matter which operating system you use.

Turpial Usage

We should notice too that 40% of current users would like to use it Turpial in Mac OS and this is a pretty good sign about the need of port Turpial to other platforms.

Turpial For MAC

I’ve decided that we are going to offer official support for Qt and this way Turpial can be easily ported to Windows and Mac OS but we need more hands to code faster. If you have some PyQt knowledge and want to contribute with some lines of code, please let us know (you could help us to develop a native interface for Turpial in Mac OS too).

That’s all for now folks, thanks to everyone who participated on the beginning of this master plan and remember that we will keep working to make an awesome and faster microblogging client.


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