Pygout: Hacking libturpial

By satanas

Pygout: Hacking libturpial Fedtured Image


As part of an activity started in Venezuela by friends of the Python community, I was invited to do a Google Hangout this saturday (Oct 20) to talk about libturpial. This initiative is been called Pygout (for Python-Hangout) and it main goals is to share knowledge. Pygouts are broadcasted live and besides they are recorded and uploaded to YouTube, so don’t worry if you miss it. You can see the whole video of Pygout: Hacking libturpial (in spanish) and if you like it, spread the word and keep track of next hangouts. Update: As result of this hacktivity we got awesome comments and suggestions:

  • Deprecation Warning for obsolete methods on libturpial
  • Use Requests library to handle HTTP request and OAuth
  • Service for API keys and usage statistics
  • Improve proxy support
  • Unit test for libturpial
  • Improve to recommend dependencies to install (with OS instructions) I want to thank and congratulate to our friends of the Python Community for this awesome initiative and encourage the people to participate and thanks to all the people who participated in this great pygout. Keep hacking!


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