"I'm Going Through Changes" said Turpial

By azrael


Turpial has something to say to you all:

“I’m Going Through Changes, eh eh”

[Eminem on ”Going Through Changes” from his album Recovery]   That’s right everybody,

the Bird’s going to take a new direction back to its roots, back to where it all began, so i guess it isn’t quite a new direction after all.   Have you ever gone to the gym and tried out every single trasformer machine they got there in the hopes of getting the exercise you need to build your muscles properly? Yeah, me neither And then figured out that what you continue to do in that spensive gym is jog, run and weights? All of which you actually were pretty much doing all by yourself, effortlessly,  cheap AND you were getting results! The chicks were staring at you, when you went for morning/afternoon/night jogs and workouts in the park, instead of going to that four-walled torture chamber they so call gymnasium.   Well, something like that happened to the Bird guys, we started heading to a path with great hopes of achieving new ways to port, use and implement Turpial in it’s newest forms but then it came to our attention that we’ve been over working ourselves for no reason, and that everything we’ve come to so far was resulting on too much power useage and not enought lightness and fastness from our beloved Turpial.   So we had to make a choice, an adjustment to benefit you and The Bird in the way it was first planed: Light, Fast and Native. That’s why, we have decided to drop Webkit development to focus on Qt, Python and Gtk3. This was the way things worked back in 2009-‘10 and it’s time we go back to our roots, back to where it all started. These adjustment will take a bit of time to come out to the public, but we are hard working on it to make it the best solutions for you, Twitter, Identi.ca and for all our development team.   Thanks for being with us through all of our story and for allowing us to grow with you. Remember, we are all always

“Going through changes…” If you need more info, please read:

To webkit or not to webkit


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