Turpial gets Interviewed by Madre Lengua

By azrael


Last nigth, I had the most amizing privilage in my time working with Trupial so far. As an on going effort to show new tecnologies and Venezuelan talent to our country, La Mega 99.7: “Donde Sea” radio station and it’s show Madre Lengua featured Turpial through a phone interview that was a completly new expirience for me. The hosts, Nelson Barroso and Coka Meléndez, are a pair of fun and spanish enthusiasts that make every minute in the show feel like home with an upbeat and very relaxed way of presenting themselves. It was a geniuine pleasure for me to be among friends that love Venezuela and their people in such an obvious fashion. The topic of the night was our beloved bird and all the features we have come to know and love, all the work that’s been done from every corner of the world to make this project what it is today: a Twitter and identi.ca client that is not only light and easy to use but also reliable and functional. Our thanks go to the whole Turpial crew working everywhere for making the bird go places we never thought it would and that’s only thanks to the comunity that’s received us with open arms and this interview goes out to you all as a testimony to your support. Also we’d like to thanks Madre Lengua for allowing us to share and hour of their time and have such fun during it. Thank you Nelson, thank you Coka and thanks to all the Crew that made this possible. You can all listen to the Madre Lengua Radio Show Monday-Friday from 9 to 10pm, all you need to do is Click HERE… and know spanish. [caption id=”attachment_990” align=”aligncenter” width=”186” caption=”Problem?”][/caption] Uno de los puntos que también se tocaron en la entrevista en Madre Lengua fue la pregunta que todos nos hacen con frecuencia:

Si Turpial es tan criollo como la Arepa, ¿Por qué su página está en inglés?

La respuesta está AQUÍ pero la versión corta es: el inglés nos ha permitido comunicarnos con rusos, alemanes, chinos y demás para hacer de esto, que es tan criollo como la arepa, una Arepa que se come en todo el mundo.  


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