From Turpial 2.0 Beta to Turpial 3.0

By azrael


Aloha everyone, today we bring very exciting news. As posted two days ago, Turpial 2.0 Alpha is ready to be tested but that comes with and even bigger consecuence to us all. If you’re a part of our newsletter, you are in the know of all that’s about to come down with The Bird in the coming times. But if you’re living under a virtual rock here’s the short story: Turpial 2.0 was destined to achieve great things, things SO great indeed that our tools became obsolete. At first we were a bit worried about this but then we saw the oportunity the was hiding right under our noses. The development of Turpial 2.0 is starting to become the stepping stone for something even greater: Turpial 3.0 As our underpaid programers coded for this wonderful release, they realized that 2.0 was going to need some changes and decitions had to be made to make sure you got the best of the best Turpial expirience. This meant only one thing: we need your feedback in order to continue giving you what you love from The Bird. Turpial 2.0 Beta we’ll be out soon just as it is so you can make all the complains, praises (we like been praise) and suggestions you want so the migration to the new and improve Turpial 3.0 becomes everything you want it to be and then some. Once more, we’d like to thank you for your support and presence throught out this proyect. Be aware, the future, is here.


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