The first alpha release of Turpial 2.0 is here!

By satanas

The first alpha release of Turpial 2.0 is here! Fedtured Image


As we planned, the first alpha release of Turpial 2.0 is here and it rocks! It formal version number is 1.7.6 and it brings a lot of fresh new features. Among all the cool features we can highlight:

  • Improved URL detection
  • Embedded profiles and images visualization
  • Advanced options in preferences dialog
  • Improved look & feel (using Webkit)
  • Broadcasting messages
  • Dialog to send DMs
  • Undo feature support (ctlr + z)
  • Show profile image at real size when you click it from a tweet/dent
  • Branded new dialog for username autocomplete
  • Handle so much columns as the user wants
  • Ubuntu integration
  • Support for public timeline as column
  • Undo retweet
  • Implemented block and report as spam features
  • Evolved mute/unmute feature to filtering (based on expressions) We did a brief resume the past month of this features and how they look/work in

this post. There are more feature but we want to let you some homework. However, as you might know, this is a working-in-progress version so you must expect issues, breaks or even the lack of functionalities. This version is NOT intented for production purposes and we DON’T want bug reports about it. Bug reports will be welcome on the beta phase. You can check the TO-DO list to be aware of the non-finished features and here is a list of the known issues so far:

  • Notifications preferences still not working
  • Proxy support not implemented yet
  • After creating an account the updatebox doesn’t show the new account (you need to restart)
  • Column autoresize not implemented
  • Main window sometimes flicker when resizing
  • More resource consumption (around 50MB of RAM more than Turpial 1.6.9)
  • Every time you start the application you need to load your friends
  • Account dialog needs a extreme makeover
  • There is no way to follow users except through their profiles As usual, you can find the source package in our

files repository and the source code in the github repository. Package maintainers will be working to make available this release on official repositories of most popular GNU/Linux distros. Thanks to all people that support the project and please, give us your feedback, you can help to the development process just commenting out your impressions. Enjoy!


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