Turpial 2.0: What's New?

By azrael


We’ve gotten this question asked often. “So, What’s new on Turpial 2.0?” and althou we’re eager to show you everything it’s not ready yet. But since we’re more commited tu you than to anyone else, here’s a bit of info on the future of the Bird. First things first, The overall layout has become more elegant while keeping everything that made it light and resourceful. Here are some of the improvements:   Multi Protocol and Account Management: Have as many users accounts of Twitter and Identi.ca as you want, all in the same Client:


New Tweeting/Denting Box with Broadcast functionality: Send your thoughts to all your acounts at the same time with only one click     Username Assistant: Turpial Remember your friends so you don’t have to. Just add “@” and search from your contacts list to the user you want to Add to your tweet/dent   Limitless Columns: Tired of the old “only 3 columns” view? Now you will be able to add as many columns of as many accounts, protocols or lists you feel like having.


Users Profile: Turpial will now show you the users profile and options to interact with them just like the web without having to relay on a browser to do so.   Profile Picture: Ever wanted to see that cool/hot/weird avatar that user has? Now you can, just click on it and voila! in all it’s full size glory!


I think this is all we’ll show you for now, we’re looking forward to releasing the first Beta so everyone can join in the Turpial 2.0 fun. Still, if you want to have a say on what’s going to become of the bird’s Alpha, Join us this Sunday on the Cayapa: More Info About it [Here]   How do you feel about this upcoming features? Excited? What would you like to see next on Turpial?


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