Turpial 2.0 Alpha 'Cayapa' this Sunday

By azrael


If you’re reading this there’re only two possible explanations:

  1. You know what “Cayapa” means and want to be involved in it.
  2. You Want to know what “Cayapa” means and what does it have to do with the development of Turpial 2.0. So, here it goes, I’ll try to be as clear as possible so that

our venezuelan lingo can come across to anyone who’s never set foot in this beautyful land filled with beautiful women (Sorry guys, they’re all mine)

Cayapa: noun. & verb. [Kah-ya’ll-pah] (Meh, close enough) In lame terms: The action of beating the crap out of one S.o.B. This is not done by one subject to another but is a group efford against the one until he’s pretty much left for dead. (Very invinting isn’t).

i.e: We were cayaping that MoFo for using my external HD to save his reggaeton “music” *spits on the carcas* Now, Who wants to be a part of the beating??? How does it apply to Turpial development? you ask, fairly simple, We are the Cayapators [Terminator style] and the requirements for a good Alpha 2.0 is the MoFo whom defiled your HD: It needs to be set straight.

To better understand this term, think of it as a

Bug Squash Party in Techno Language. And before you ask, NO! this word will not change and we will cayapa you if you, so much as, suggest we change it.

Thank you.

This next sunday, february 12th, Turpial development team we’ll be discusing everything related to Turpia 2.0 and its Alpha v. if you’d like to be a part of this discussion head over to:

IRC Server: Freenode (irc.freenode.net) Channel: #turpial at 09.00 am VE / 10.30 am AR (VE UTC -4:30 / AR UTC -3:00) And join the beating…


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