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Today, as planned, we meet at #turpial IRC channel in Freenode to do our “Cayapa Turpial”. Andrea Stagi, Carlos Guerrero, José Torres and me (Wil Alvarez) were the participants in this meeting.

First, we define which would be the minimum features to complete for the next alpha release. In that conversation we talk about topics as user preferences, improving authentication methods, embedded images and methods for user searching. Besides we were talking about other pending tasks as eat some italian food work in the support for multiple languages in our platform, improve our broadcast strategies and work on multiplatform implementations of Turpial.

The most important results can be resumed as follow:

  1. Translate to english all open issues in the Bug Track System
  2. Elaborate a post to talk about multiplatform advances
  3. Resume the work with Qt implementation
  4. Wiki page to write down all conventions used (protocol) to work with Webkit implementations in each framework (GTK, Qt, etc)
  5. Build a donation page and start a campaign
  6. Post weekly articles to spread the word and inform about the development progress
  7. Features to be included in the next alpha release (besides all the completed features: tweets, retweets, favs, directs, follow, unfollow, block, report as spam, conversations, user profiles, URL shortening, multiaccounts, etc)
    • Show images in a embedded window
    • Preferences dialog
    • Column autoresize
    • Improves for the user authentication method

Also we define that our deadline for the alpha release will be this March 4, 2012. So, if everything goes fine in 3 weeks you should be testing this amazing new version of Turpial.

As conclusion we can say that it was a fast and productive meeting.

As usual, I want to extend our thanks to all the people who support the project and welcome to José Torres to our team, we will keep working hard to bring an excellent and competitive application to you.

For full details about the meeting you can check the IRC conversation log.


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