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By azrael


In the words of Prof. Farnsworth from Futurama:

Good News Everyone, Turpial is now a bilingual bird.It’s been a long journey this past couple of months, since the last time something was said about the work been done on the bird.   We’ve been quiet silent for far too long, but the wait is over - well, not so much over over as a ‘hey dude, how’s it going? we’re working on everything. Please don’t hit me” kind of way -.   First things first, - although by this point in the post they feel more like third - I’m sure you’ve notice the lack of spanish today - oh my, you really are a bright young lad -, this doesn’t mean what you think it means, - yes, I know your thoughts - and here are the answer to your questions:

  • No, we’re not selling out to an evil corporation that will use Turpial as a tool for World Domination. That’s already in our agenda so no one will Rule the World but us.
  • No, we’re not going to stop giving support in spanish, let’s face it Turpial is Venezuelan and it’ll be venezuelan forever - evah, evah, evah -.
  • Yes, we will continue to improve Turpial in spanish, english, chineese and any other language that we find translators for. -If you’re interested go HERE and help us, THANKS!.
  • And the most important question of all:

Why?????  [caption id=”attachment_822” align=”aligncenter” width=”220” caption=”Why you no spanish now???????”]

[/caption]   The reason is fairly simple, really, we feel the bird is now flying on new heights everyday, going further and faster than ever before and is our most important goal to help Turpial grow at the pace it finds natural. We want to open the road for its success in everyway possible and, whether we like it or not, english is the international language of programming and it will connect us all throught out the world with the people Turpial is meant to serve, the users.   We’ve already made friends an allies all around the globe, in different languages and english has been the key to get us all together for the well being of this project loved by all. This doesn’t mean that the efforts put in the bird will cease in any way, in fact, this change has been improving the rate of work been done in these past months and they pave a bright future for Turpial.  We apologize for any inconveneince this my cause any of you, and thank you for all the love you give us on a daily basis.   In other news, a few things have change for the development branch of Turpial, although v.1.5 is stable the problem it has not showing Direct Messages (DMs) has been solved and it’s currently going the testing phase on v.1.6.5-b6 with great results. Only a couple more twicks here and there and you will be able to enjoy it too.   Thanks for all your support, and rest asure that Turpial will continue to work in every language!


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