Gracias a toda la gente que hace eco de las noticias que a diario se generan en la red, pudimos recoger las últimas impresiones sobre la nueva versión de Turpial. A continuación les dejo una serie de artículos interesantes donde analizan la aplicación, sus novedades, ventajas y desventajas.

Turpial 1.5 ya esta entre nosotros/ (vía Thalskarth’s Maëlstrom)
Turpial 1.5: Il miglior client twitter per ubuntu/ (vía UBUNTU’d!)
Turpial 1.5 disponible/ (vía Soft-Libre)
Turpial 1.5 nueva versión estable/ (vía Ubuntlog)
Repasando Turpial, cliente Twitter nativo para Linux (vía Genbeta)
Linux twitter app turpial raises a brood bird punhere (vía OMG! Ubuntu!)

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  • burjans

    Turpial es mi cliente Twitter por defecto … excelente trabajo


  • Dennis Altermann

    It’s a great app, I’m really enjoying it as the best Twitter Client for Ubuntu. I have some ideas about it that I will share with you:

    This blog can’t have an English version? :) I’m from Brazil, but I think will be really cool to use an language to everyone understand better.Some keyboards shorcuts in the Turpial would be great, to send a message usually I have to click in “send button” with mouse, will be really easier with shorcuts.I don’t know what is the focus of the project, but will be really cool see some Gnome integration with the Global Menu and/or the Unity LauncherThe same is about Message Menu, as Gwibber does, will be lovely.The support for Facebook, for example, is a cool feature, but I know it’s really hard to make it soon.Good Luck, I have sure this is a great client and for sure is possible to see it as the native Ubuntu Client, hehe :)

  • Alex